Gin & Gemstones

WIN a gemstone ampoule necklace this month!!!

Join us at 6PM on (most) Friday's for Gin & Gemstones! Where Kerry drinks gin & talks about all things gemstones! Set your reminders below.

On the last Friday of the month we host an interactive gem quiz! There are great trivia questions, friendly competition & PRIZES! See below for instructions on how to play along.

Don't worry if you miss it live, you can always watch it after here.

  • Friday 8th September - The Antiques Roadshow is Not Real!

    Don't get us wrong, the experts are experts, and the "stuff" is real. But it's almost the original Instagram Filter. Tonight we'll explain why valuing gemstones and jewellery doesn't happen in 2 minutes on a picnic table.

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  • Friday 15th September - What have the NAJ ever done for us?

    Like John Cleese being unaware of what the Romans did for him, lots of us are unaware of all that the  NAJ does or has done. But also like The People's Front of Judea, there is lots more we would like probably! This is your opportunity to find out, as I join them live in the NAJ office in JQ, what good stuff they've done that benefits us and how to access it, but also to ask for what you would like to see happen in the future to help the industry

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  • Friday 22nd September - Gemmology Science Abuse - Let's F.. up some gems!

    What's the difference between hardness and toughness? Watch Charlie Bexfield and me smash and scratch some gems to show the difference.



  • Friday 29th September - Interactive Prize Quiz

    Time to test your gemstone knowledge!

    Join us in our monthly interactive quiz and we see if you've been paying attention or just quaffing gin.

    This month's prize: a gemstone ampoule necklace!

    Here's how to play along -

    1 - Download the Speedquizzing app on your mobile device For Apple For Android

    2 - Enter the unique pin (will be given out day of quiz)

    3 - Watch on a different device to your mobile

    4 - Have fun and compete in the gem quiz!

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