Tiara Competition

 Design me a new tiara!

 As you may know, I have a passion for tiaras. I am currently researching tiaras for an upcoming talk, and by that I mean mostly admiring shiny things and putting them on, but I thought it might be nice to see some new ones, some new ideas, maybe even tiaras that have been thought up especially for me.

This is where the competition comes in. I would like you to “design” me a tiara. Do not worry if you are not an experienced jewellery maker. At this stage we do not need to know how to make it, we can worry about the logistics later. I just want to see what people can dream up, what people think would look good as a tiara.

I love colour, I love shiny things, I love jewellery that means something, I love jewellery that reflects the wearer, and I also love jewellery that reflects the maker. I adore coloured gemstones and would love some colourful creations that could be made from our recycled gemstones, but am happy for you to use other materials if that is what you want it to be made of! Hopefully I will be able to get at least one of the tiaras made when this is done, depending on cost and complexity.

My only rules are; you can’t copy something that is already out there, it has to be a tiara not a crown, and it has to be able to be worn. It can be wacky, it can be ostentatious, it can be anything you want it to be, as long as it is your idea and it can be worn on my head for an evening without me having to have surgery or scaffolding installed! You also have to be happy for me to use your designs, attributed to you, on our website, social media, and within future talks, classes or teaching resources we produce.

You have until the end of February to submit your designs, you can draw them by hand, design them on a computer, use CAD software, or in true Blue Peter style make a model of toilet rolls and sticky back plastic and take pictures. Whatever, as long as I and the other judges can see what your idea is and how it would look as a tiara it is fine. You can upload them with your entry form HERE.

We have categories for younger and older children as well as an adult category if you want to get your, or anyone else’s children involved, and there will be prizes in each category. All children who supply a design will be sent one of their birthstones, and winning entries in both childrens’ categories will receive a Gemmology Rocks My First Gemmology Kit. The first place in the adults category will win a Gemmology Rocks Advent calendar, and any adult that enters that would like a birthstone can also have their sent to them as well! 

Entries: from now until Tuesday 28th February – 5 weeks

Categories: Young child: up to secondary school age, Older Child: up to 18, Adult: 18 and above

What you need to submit: Images of your design, your name, email, category you are entering, your birthstone and address to post it to you!