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Brilliant Bingo in Lancaster - 25th October 6pm to 9pm

Brilliant Bingo in Lancaster - 25th October 6pm to 9pm

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This is glorious, you simply must come and play...

Brilliant Bingo - We'll give you a scoop of our recycled gems to play with, and you need to find all the stones on your bingo card for a chance to win. Can you spot a garnet topped doublet in the mass of sparklies, would you find the most valuable gem, are you able to match a perfect pair?

Join us Wednesday 25th October from 18:00 until 21:00, and you can play with gems, discover new things, ask questions, have us look at and ID any of your own stones you're not sure about, and spend time with and meet new like minded people.

We will provide everything you need and some education on coloured gems, as well as a drink or two to keep you hydrated!

We will be holding it centrally in Lancaster, we are being looked after by the gorgeous Rachel Hearne, in her beautiful studio and classroom, close to public transport links

The £10 is to cover our costs and mostly because people tend not to turn up to free things, at least one drink (gin and tonic, beer, wine or soft drink) will be included with your ticket. (let's face it we'll probably get over excited and get more)


Date: Wednesday 25th October

Time: 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Venue: 7-9 Chapel Street, The Glassworks, Lancaster LA1 1NZ


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