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The Art of Fabrergé

The Art of Fabrergé

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By John Booth

Copyright 1990

Fabergé - the name evokes images of the glittering world of the last Tsars of Russia and the priceless treasures created, regardless of time or cost, as royal gifts for special occasions. The man behind the legend, Peter Carl Fabergé, was the son of a St Petersburg goldsmith. When he took over the family business he made a daring decision to switch from heavy expensive jewelry to objets de fantasie where design was more important than value.

Fabergé's reputation grew and his firm prospered, but his appointment as Court leweler to the Tsars transformed him from a fine craftsman into a legend. With his appointment came the first of the Imperial Easter eggs - those astonishing masterpieces of invention, opulence and consummate skill which have fascinated all who see them. Royal patronage led to commissions from the wealthy families of Russia and soon the enthusiasm for Fabergé had spread to Europe and across the Atlantic to the USA. Everyone, from kings and princes to earls, dukes and great ladies of fashion, wanted to possess some unique object from his workshops. However, the war against Japan, the First World War and the Russian Revolution spelled the end of this world of luxury and privilege. Forced to flee from his homeland, Faberge's death in Switzerland effectively marked the end of the house of Fabergé.

This book is the ultimate tribute to the art and achievements of one of the world's great craftsmen. Superb full-color illustrations reveal the range of Fabergé's technical brilliance. They demonstrate, from Imperial Easter egg to humble cigarette box, why every object produced by the Fabergé workshops bears the unmistakable stamp of outstanding craftmanship.

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