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Cartier by Hans Nadelhoffer

Cartier by Hans Nadelhoffer

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CARTIER is a name which, for almost a century, has been synonymous with the finest and most exclusive jewelry in the world. The Cartier hallmarks have always been top-quality gems, imaginative and distinctive designs, and the most exquisite workmanship. For tsars and maharajahs, European royalty and American super-millionaires, Cartier has been the recognized purveyor of luxury, the epitome of glittering opulence.

Hans Nadelhoffer, the noted jewelry expert, was uniquely qualified to write the fascinating history of this international jewelry firm. The company's archives were placed at his sole disposal and he was given access to previously unpublished photographs and designs. This is the full, authenticated story of Cartier as it has never been told before.

The result is a highly entertaining and informative account in which the career of the house of Cartier is traced from its modest beginnings in Paris to its eventual predominance over the world of fashion. Anecdotal as well as technical and documentary, Mr Nadelhoffer's sumptuous book shows how Cartier set stylistic modes and standards throughout its years of overwhelming success, and gives full credit to the little-known individuals who helped to bring this about.

With 493 illustrations, 198 in colour

Copyright 1999

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