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Gemmology Rocks

Venn Gems - Sunday 31st July - Maidstone

Venn Gems - Sunday 31st July - Maidstone

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The best way to spend a Sunday afternoon...

Come along to our next gemstone play date in the Gemmology Rocks Nucleus in Maidstone!

This month we're Celebrating Kerry's Birthday and playing with rubies -  We'll have a huge selection of rubies from teeny tiny, really rubbish, really cheap, totally treated (do you think you can spot a glass filled ruby?) to beautiful antique rubies and high end untreated fine stones (do you know how rare and valuable they are?). 

Join us from 14:30 until 16:30, and you can play with gems, discover new things, ask questions, have us look and and ID any of your own stones you're not sure about, and spend time with and meet new like minded people. 

As well as this, if there are any stones you see on the day that you would like to buy, we can price them up for you, or if there is anything in particular you are looking for, talk to Kerry on the day and she can show you what she has.

Tea, coffee, cake (and wine for those that want it) will be provided.

The £10 is to (not actually!) cover our costs, but mostly because people tend not to turn up to free things, and we don't want to be here on our own with cake and wine!

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