About Us

What do we do?


We work all over the UK (and Ireland and the US if asked!) and remotely. We work with individual businesses on development projects, where we start with a conversation about what they want to achieve, finding out their headaches or skills gaps.

The we create tailored development for each individual business, based on key business objectives that can be measured.  

We can create courses on any subject matter in which we are experts. Some examples are:

  • Metals and metal testing
  • Diamond identification, grading and value
  • How to sell gemstones
  • How to sell diamonds
  • Gemmology and gem testing
  • Hallmarking
  • Induction training
  • Customer Experience
  • Valuing for pawnbroking

We can do a one day course, right the way through to comprehensive development plans to ensure all team members are working to their full potential in their current roles, and there is a full progression and succession plan in place.

Development can be delivered remotely if needed, with the use of interactive live video calling and webinars, backed up with curated practical tasks, like being there but without being there. Which is something we lead the way in, having delivered virtual live interactive education well before it was fashionable after Covid!

We also deliver practical workshops on gemmology and jewellery related subjects around the UK, and work with other industry associations and schools through industry events and conferences, and writing articles for trade publications.

We regularly work on long term projects where we produce development plans for staff to get them up to speed in their current role, or get them ready to progress, or assisting with business development, or stock management etc. 

Stone Services

We also offer gemstone and diamond services, such as gemstones identification, sorting, valuing and inventorying of mixed gemstone stock, diamond identification and synthetic screening, diamond assessment, sorting and inventory production.

Stone supply

Finally, we work with a number of jewellers and pawnbrokers to repurpose, refurbish, recycled, reuse and sell pre-owned gemstones. 

Who are our customers?

Our clients are: Independent Jewellery Retailers, Designer Makers and Goldsmiths, Associations and Trade Bodies, Pawnbrokers and Auctioneers.

How to work with us?

We are more than happy to have a Zoom call with you, to talk about you, and anything you are interested in or need. To see how we can work together to achieve your objectives.

Why are we the best?

In terms of gemstones, diamonds and subject matter knowledge. We're highly trained and qualified, both Kerry & Tori we hold International Gemmology and Diamond Diplomas, we attend numerous trade shows and conferences annually to keep ourselves up to date, and we continually take couses and classes ourselves to update our knowledge.

In terms of education, Kerry holds a level 6 Teaching Diploma specfically in Education and Training of Adults.

In terms of delivery, courses, classes and all content, is engaging, interesting, fun and delivers results, to help people improve immediately in their role.

We love what we do, and it shows, our clients love working with us and come back time and time again.