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    • 2 Crystal clear: The allure of minerals and crystals - Join Charlie Bexfield; Gemmology Spaniel (You will not meet anyone more excited by gems and minerals I promise) and all round fantastic gemmologist of Adit Fine Minerals, and me, Kerry Gregory; Head of Shiny Stuff at Gemmology Rocks  for an afternoon of crystals and minerals. Charlie will talk us through collecting minerals, and what makes things more or less desirable and therefore valuable, and we’ll dabble a bit in crystal form and shape too. To learn more & register click here.
    • 4 & 5 - Training clients in London
    • 28-1 Scottish Conference
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  • What's happening in June

    • 5-10 on holiday in Morocco!
  • What's happening in July

    • 2 Glowing Gemstones: Using UV to help identify gems - Join Shirley Mitchell; Valuer and Glowing Gemmologist Extraordinaire, and me, Kerry Gregory; Head of Shiny Stuff at Gemmology Rocks and for an afternoon of exploration of glowing gems. Gemstones, UV lights, safety goggles (one must look a little silly and like a proper scientist) will be all be provided (you will need to provide your own lab coats if you want to really look the part – it is not necessary!). To learn more & register click here.
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    To be announced

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    To be announced

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