• Brilliant Bingo

    We'll give you a scoop of our recycled gems to play with, and you need to find all the stones on your bingo card for a chance to win. We provide everything you need and some education on coloured gems, as well as a drink or two to keep you hydrated!

  • Grapes & Garnet

    Garnets can be confusing, complex and the science behind isomorphous series is confounding for many. How can we make it easier to understand?

    In this course we explored 6 different types of garnets while tasting 6 different types of wine.

  • Glowing Gemstones

    Did you know that numerous gemstones exhibit unique glowing features and colors when subjected to long wave and short wave light? In this event we teach you how this characteristic allows us to distinguish and identify gemstones, as well as detect certain synthetic gems and treated stones.