No matter where you are, you should be able to access jewellery and gemstone education that works for you. Regardless of how you learn, we can help you to reach your goals - even if you don’t know what they are yet (and yes, we can help with that too).

We offer face to face, online & blended courses and can even create a bespoke class to suit your needs.

Past Courses

Below are a few examples of previous courses we have taught. Any of these can be recreated or custom tailored to you. Contact us and we can have a chat about the best courses to suit you.

  • Introduction to Practical Polariscope

    The course won't turn you into an expert but you will learn what you actually need. By the end of the day, you will have learnt how to use a polariscope - which is the best piece of equipment to start with for gem identification. You will also make your OWN Polariscope to take home with you, so you even need to buy any equipment to start using your new skills right away. 

  • Gemstones for Designers

    Would you like to feel confident chatting to customers, helping them choose the perfect gemstone, knowing what you should pay, where to buy, what quality it is, and how much to charge your customer?

    In this course we will teach you things like why you need to look at girdles, why the difference between size and weight is really important with coloured stones, and how to talk to gem dealers to get what you want at the right price first time. 

  • Gem-A or GIA Diploma Exam Revision

    Studying Gemmology is hard, doing it alone can be lonely, frustrating and boring. Get some motivation, accountability and support from Gemmology Rocks during your Gem-A diploma revision.

  • Identifying Diamonds from Imitations

    In this course we teach you how to separate diamonds from imitations with a loupe and how to assess quality and value. You will learn how and where to buy diamonds and what to consider when designing and manufacturing with diamonds.

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