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Polariscope Practice Stone Set

Polariscope Practice Stone Set

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Don't struggle to get to grips with the polariscope from books and the internet on your own.

We have distilled our decades of knowledge and practical experience to produce you the perfect set of stones. This will help you learn to use the polariscope, and apply that skill. Whether you're studying gemmology, learning practical gem testing, or a working valuer or jeweller.

You get a set of 15 stones, all labelled with the identity, and the key observations you should make. There will also be a video of the reaction for each stone so you know what you're looking for. Once you've built your confidence, you can then use them as an ongoing reference resource to compare and contrast stones you are testing.

The polariscope stone set contains 15 stones:

  • 6 singly refractive gemstones
  • 3 polycrystalline gemstones
  • 6 doubly refractive gemstones that show key interference figures.
    • Of the doubly refractive stones 3 will be uniaxial and 3 will be biaxial.
  • Online video resources of the reactions
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