Who we work with

  • Retail Jewellers

    We offer in house training for your staff! We can custom tailor the training to fit your specific store's needs. Our goal is always to increase your staff's confidence in talking about and working with coloured gemstones & diamonds.

  • Pawnbrokers

    We'll show you the tips, tricks and advanced use of gemmology equipment to very efficiently and accurately identify stones in a fast paced commercial environment

  • Designers

    We're going over the most important stuff they need to know when starting out working with gems. Things like why you need to look at girdles, why the difference between size and weight is really important with coloured stones, and how to talk to gem dealers to get what you want at the right price first time. 

  • Gemmologists & Aspiring Gemmologists

    We offer revision support and continuing education training. 

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