Gin & Gemstones

Join us on (most) Friday's for Gin & Gemstones! Where Kerry drinks gin & talks about all things gemstones! Set your reminders below.

Don't worry if you miss it live, you can always watch it after here.

  • Friday 17th March - Gemmology by Facebook is a terrible idea - here's why

    Why do people insist of posting photos of gems online and expecting people to ID them?

    Worse yet, who are these necromancers who think they do gemmology over the internet?

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  • Friday 24th March - Sell more gemstones - here's how!

    We'll give you a hint, it's not by lying or not knowing what you're talking about.

    But it can be easier than you think, and definitely fun.

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  • Friday 31st March - Interactive Quiz night

    Time to test your gemstone knowledge!

    Join us in our monthly interactive quiz and we see if you've been paying attention or just quaffing gin.

    Here's how to play along -

    1 - Download the Speedquizzing app on your mobile device For Apple For Android

    2 - Enter the unique pin (we'll update that closer to the time)

    3 - Watch on a different device to your mobile

    4 - Have fun and compete in the gem quiz!