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Diamond Imitation Stone Set

Diamond Imitation Stone Set

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Do you want some confidence when looking at colourless stones that what you're looking at IS a diamond?

Need something to compare when checking if something is a diamond?

This is the set for you. Comprising of:

  • A Blue Zircon - So you can practice seeing that all important double refraction that people struggle with!
  • A Blue Topaz - To compare and contrast with the Zircon so you know you can spot double refraction
  • A CZ - So you can compare the key identification features; higher dispersion, lower hardness and lower total internal reflection with a diamond
  • A Moissanite - So you can compare the key identification features; eye visible double refraction, and excessive dispersion with a diamond

You will also get a PDF showing what you are looking for! (this set is ideal as a reference set if you have been on one of our Identifying Diamonds from Simulants courses).

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