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Advent Calendar Gemstone Course with 24 gems!

Advent Calendar Gemstone Course with 24 gems!

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A gemmology gift that keeps on giving!

We're back with our new 2023 advent calendar. 

Instalment option now available - see below

Whether it's for a member of staff, a friend, or yourself, our advent calendar is a unique way to give someone the gift of gemstones.

Open a door every day in Advent to reveal 24 gemstones in individual collector boxes.

Learn about each gem with our online interactive Advent calendar, every day which tells you about your shiny new stones.

If you or your staff want to learn more about gems, for your business or to sell, or even if you just want to learn more because you love gems, this is the thing for you.

You get:

  • 24 recycled gemstones
  • Sturdy viewing boxes to house your collection
  • A mini course to learn about each stone

Environmentally thoughtful, what's that about?

Whilst we won't go as far as to say our Advent Calendar is an eco warrior. We have thought about the impact.

The collector pots we are using, whilst plastic, are in no way single use and can be used for years and years.

All the cardboard packaging we use can be recycled, and much of it is made from recycled material.

Best of all the gems are recycled meaning they are being reused, revalued and not being freshly mined for this purpose. So whilst they might not all be totally perfect (hey we're not either, and we celebrate our uniqueness!), we are making the most out of our valuable natural resources, and you are likely to get a much higher colour or clarity stone than you would if they were brand new.

You can even pay in 3 Instalments! - Just go through the checkout process, enter your details, shipping details and on the Payment Page select:

Advent Calendar Instalment Plan

For delivery before December 1st UK orders need to be placed by November 28th and international orders need to be placed by November 17th.

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