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Jet Jewellery & Ornaments

Jet Jewellery & Ornaments

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By Helen Muller

Jet Jewellery and Ornaments

This book chronicles the history of jet as a jewel in Great Britain and the rest of Europe from bronze age times to the present day. It discusses the geology and origin of jet and describes its chemical and physical properties. Jet is particularly associated with Whitby in North Yorkshire and the author gives an account of the flourishing Whitby jet industry of the nineteenth century, including the jewellery and ornaments made during that period. The illustrations include unique photographs of the craftsmen at work.

An important section on the imitations of jet and their identification will be of great interest and value to collectors and to antique dealers. Finally the work of modern jet carvers is also described.

Helen Muller was awarded the Tully Medal of the Gemmological Association of Great Britain. In her spare time Mrs Muller writes articles and gives lectures on jewellery. Her main interest is the study of the Whitby jet industry, which she and her husband have been researching for many years.

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