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Gem ID for Real Life!

Gem ID for Real Life!

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This popular course is back in Maidstone...but if you can't come to us in Kent, we will be doing a course near you in the future. Get in touch and let us know you want to do the course and we'll find the best location for you.

Title: Gem ID for Life!

Synopsis: Need to be able to recognise and identify gemstones when buying, and working on customers items, but do not have the time, money or need to do a full gemmology diploma?

This course is for you. With 5 hands-on practical day classes, we will teach you the key skills to enable you to accurately identify common and commercial gemstones.

We will give you enough background in the theory of gemmology so you understand the concepts, but mostly you will be learning through doing, handling hundreds of gemstones, and being taught by people who have tested thousands of gemstones for decades.

This is a practical course for practical people. There is not writing and exams. There is skills and doing. The real skills you need to do what you want, and quickly.

The days are broken up as follows:
  1. Obligatory Observation - how to really look at gems, paying attention to minute details and features that will not only help you to recognise what they might be, but can tell you what they definitely are not. As well as informing what tests you need to do next to positively identify the stone.
  2. Practical Polariscope - after the second day you will have mastered the basic use of the polariscope and will be able to separate many common and commercial stones with this tool alone. Tell morganite from kunzite, sapphire from kyanite, topaz from aquamarine and most stones from CZ, synthetic spinel and glass
  3. Successful spectroscope - some stones cannot be identified using a polariscope and refractometer alone, but mastering the spectroscope will mean you can use this to identify many stones when you are not able to use a refractometer. By looking at the patterns in a rainbow you can ID Zircon Spessartine Garnet and even some natural Diamond.
  4. Rule you refractometer - by far the most useful of all the gemmologists tools in coming up with a positive ID. On day 3 we will teach you how to use it properly, efficiently and accurately, without decent training it can be a real struggle to use this bit of kit. At the end of day 3 you'll be able to use this alongside what you learnt on day 1 and day 2 to positively identify many common and commercial stones (with a bit of practice!)
  5. Total Testing - This is the day we pull it all together, and show you other tools that you can use to assist your ID as well as going over the methodology of gem testing and the process that will allow you to ID most common and commercial stones you see. This day you will get the chance to ID a range of unknown stones to prove to your self you can do it!
Price: £1250 inc VAT per person (you can pay in 10 monthly instalments if you want!) Just choose Gem ID Payment Plan at checkout - we will set it up for you
This includes: 
  • 5 days tuition
  • Refreshments all day
  • Lunch
  • Use of all stones and equipment
  • Resources to take away to practice your new skills and support your gem ID when you're going solo

There is also the option too add in your full gem kit for just £750, and pay that in instalments too! This includes:

  • Loupe, scoop, tweezers and cloth
  • Desktop polariscope, Taylor-Gregory Conoscope and magnifier
  • OPL teaching spectroscope and Maglite torch
  • Gemax Refractometer and fluid
  • Rechargable LWUV torch
  • Chelsea Colour Filter, Calcite dichroscope
  • You even get washers (for blocking out light), Blu Tac (that you cannot do gemmology without) and a handy carry case!

This price is for the complete kit, if you already have some of the equipment and don't need the full package let us know and we can put together pricing for partial kits.

  • Maidstone:  Tuesdays 09:00 (for 09:30 start) until 16:30
    • 3rd September
    • 10th September
    • 17th September
    • 24th September
    • 1st October
The course programme and schedule have been carefully put together, so there is enough time to cover all we need, as well as time in between for the knowledge to sink in, for you to practice and for it to become long-term learning. We have also tried to make sure no classes are during school holidays!

As we are a small business, we're not a giant corporation or a charity this is all done by two brilliant capable women(!) we do need minimum numbers of 5 for the class to go ahead. We will confirm 4 weeks before the course (or sooner if we make the numbers) that it is going ahead.  If for some odd reason we do not reach minimum numbers your deposit will either be credited towards another course, other products or refunded if you can't make another course.

Finally, we will be holding the class in other locations, so if you cannot make the Maidstone class we can try and makesure there is one near (just let us know you want to do it and where)

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